Fire Breaker » Fire Breaker, ''ACTION'' Jacket, Tough

Article No.: 1285000B1
Certified after: EN 469:2005, Xf2, Xr2, Y2,
Z2,Attachment B, EN 1149-5
Structure: Liner construction
Upper material: Nomex® Tough™ antistatic
Membrane: GORE-TEX® Airlock®
Spacer Technology
Lining: Nomex®/Viskose FR
Reflecting mat.: 3M Scotchlite™ Tripl
Colour: dark blue
Sizes: S – XXL

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• short-jacket-design with visual reflex stripes as per HuPF allowance
• absolutely waterproof and breathable due of GORE-TEX® membrane
• flame retardant TEXPORT®  absorption barriers on sleeves, jacket seam and front strip, prevents  permanently the ingress of moisture
• extreme reduction of weight, raised breathability and very fast drying cause of GORE-TEX® Airlock®  Spacer Technology
• repair-zip in the inner-lining to realize repairs quick and cost-saving
• inside pocket on the right
• Patented HPX® system in the front bar area allows rapid, simple and cost-effective replace a faulty zipper. The repair costs are reduced over the years to a minimum.
• Isolation system “Air Blocker” in the shoulder area: Due to special protectors at the inner lining, a per manently air-cushion is built between upper material and lining. The air-cushion also stays while carrying a  respirator, because the belts lie over the protectors. The locked air isolates this extremely exposed area  permanently and so offers an additional advantage for security.